• Creepy Pony Game "D'LIRIUM" Hitting Steam Store

    The creepy top-down pony shooter D'LIRIUM has been in development for a while now. Our previous post on it was all the way back last year. It has come a long way since then, with it's 11th alpha update out and a listing over on the Steam store as of today. It looks like it's going the early access route, but isn't available yet.

    Head on down below for a gameplay video, along with some more infos!

    A powerful unicorn, whose soul had been consumed by the Darkness, dooms the world to the endless suffering. The main character sets off for the journey, his goal is to find a Pandemoniun - the place where the greatest of all evils resides. He must stop the unicorn and banish the Darkness back to Hell.

    D'lirium is an experimental 2D-shooter with the elements of a horror game. The game brings together some mechanics back from 90s classics, such as a search for the keys, non-linear levels and a lot of other things. Moreover, the game contains a lot of experimental tricks, such as random events, non-traditional controls for a shooter game, etc.