• GalaCon 2017 Promo Video Released

    With the convention only slightly over one month away from today, Galacon has release their promo video for the 2017 edition of the convention.

    Find the video along with the press release below the break over over here!

    Hello everyone

    Some of you may have already seen it. Yesterday we released our official promo video for GalaCon 2017. If you don't have: You can find it here


    That be said we want to point out, that we are officially sold out on our "BIZAAM" tier tickets. But we still got Plus and Basic ticket left for sale. If you want to attend GalaCon 2017 we advice to get your ticket as long as they are available at http://www.galacon.eu/tickets

    Furthermore we would like to remind you, that you can still support our crowdfunding campaign and get some gooties at http://www.startnext.com/en/galacon-2017

    We are looking forward to see you at the Gala.

    The GalaCon staff