• Foxtel Reveals Almost Entire Story for Episodes 12 and 13

    Well, this just gets better and better guys. Heck, it took me awhile to even think of a header for this one because I don't think I've seen this situation before.

    Usually on TV guides or places like Zap2It we just get a small synopsis composed of a couple lines. Foxtel throws that out of the window and basically gives away the whole episode!

    So this goes without saying, but please be careful out there with this information!

    If you do want to see what is in store for these episodes, please check the Foxtel site in the other post and check for yourself. We had the summaries here for a couple minutes but just realized that would spread them all the quicker and make it harder on people trying to avoid spoilers. 

    As people are posting the summaries in the comments anyway we might as well post them here. Check after the break for the full summaries.

    Again for those of you interested in this info please be careful with it!

    Discordant Harmony
    When Discord realizes all of the effort Fluttershy goes through hosting their weekly tea parties, he offers to host the next one at his place - tomorrow! Having never hosted a tea party before let alone one worthy of Fluttershy, Discord panics. Only after popping around Equestria collecting strange and unusual party supplies does Discord discover the chaos he's created in his realm. In hopes of making his place Fluttershy-friendly, Discord completely normalizes his realm and then himself. Upon her arrival Fluttershy is surprised to find Discord in a suit and tie wanting to discuss boring topics like the weather. But when Discord suddenly starts to fade away before her eyes, Fluttershy deduces that since Discord is a being of pure chaos, acting normal must be what's causing him to disappear. Fluttershy takes it upon herself to act like Discord and cause some chaos. Discord gets caught up in the spirit of her adorable chaos making, and is soon back to his normal not-so-normal-self. Discord admits he made all of these changes because he was worried she'd see how different they are and end their friendship. Fluttershy explains she values their friendship and likes him because of their differences. Discord is relieved and soon the two are upside down on Discord's ceiling, drinking tea and happily trying to catch sandwiches with butterfly nets as they fly by.
    The Perfect Pear
    When Apple Bloom meets Grand Pear in the market, she's surprised to find out that the Pears and the Apples have a long standing family feud. Curious to know more, she and her siblings set off to talk to Goldie Delicious and get a whole lot more than they bargained for. They find out that their mother was a Pear! Curious to know more about their parents they set off to talk to their parents friends who are more than happy to share stories of young Bright Mac and Pear Butter with the Apple Siblings. Understanding their parent's love, they reach out to their estranged Grandfather and bring him and Granny together be the family they should have been from the beginning.

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