• Toy Fair 2017 - Video Tour Reveals More Movie Story and Shows Off the New Toys

    A video from a Hasbro tour at Toy Fair has popped up with not only a small snippet of information about the movie but provides a bunch of interaction with some of the toys on display and a small part of what is a song from the movie.

    Check on after the break for a summary of interesting info provided by Sten Whik who also sent in the video and the video itself of course. Thanks Sten!


    The film starts with the main six getting ready to got to a Friendship Festival in Canterlot. "The biggest celebration that Canterlot has ever seen." 
    (This one I don't think we've seen before! The next two we've heard but are including for completeness)

    "The future of Equestria is at stake."

    "The Mane Six will journey to new worlds meet new characters in order to save their home."

    "There are seven original songs, one of which our hero, Twilight Sparkle, here is going to sing with us. And with the help of our friend Spike, they actually harmonize together when you bring them together"

    Lyrics from the song
    Twilight: "Sing along with me Spike!"
    Twilight/Spike: "We've got this. You've got this."
    Twilight: "We've got this"
    Twilight/Spike: "Togetheeeerrr."

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