• Pony History: Brony Thank You Fund - The Commercial And Now

    Hey guys, it has been a long time, huh? Lack of motivation and being busy will do that I suppose but I've not quite given up on this feature. Today we're going to focus on a special moment in the fandom from way back in 2012.

    Typically called the Golden Age of Pony, when passions were high and the unity of the community was greater than it had ever been before and after, The Brony Thank You fund was originally created to create a commercial to air on The Hub to thank the creators of MLP for creating such a wonderful show.

    After several months of fund raising and hard work the commercial aired in November 2012 to much fanfare at the time. But that wasn't the end of the Brony Thank You Fund, since then they have created a scholarship for CalArts called the Derpy Hooves scholarship which was delivered for the first time in 2015! Besides that noble goal they have also been a fantastic fundraiser for cancer research (maybe you've seen them at a con or two), continuing their mission of friendship and magic.

    Check on after the break for the commercial and relive an amazing moment from the past!

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