• First Derpy Hooves Scholarship Delivered at CalArts

    A long while back, the Brony Thank You Fund established a scholarship at CalArts in character animation. Now, after all the support from the pony community, the first ever Derpy Hooves Scholarship has been given to a third year student named Thirla Alagala.

    To celebrate she even made her own version of Derpy that you can see above! Congratulations to Thirla and we wish her the best of luck.
    "As folks may recall, the Brony Thank You Fund endowed a permanent scholarship at the California Institute of the Arts a year ago, the Derpy Hooves Scholarship in Character Animation.  We have just been informed by CalArts that the first recipient is Thirla Alagala, a third-year student. She took the time to give a shout out in her Tumbler, complete with her own version of Derpy: http://talagala.tumblr.com/post/132491286219/i-dont-know-what-i-did-to-deserve-it-but-i-got. She says that she’d love to hear from the brony community, and we look forward to seeing her in the credits of some great animation once she graduates!"
    Twitter: Calpain