• High Magic Theme Deck - Trixie Steals the Show!

    High Magic Prerelease Events are coming to North America this weekend (check out the event map here), and there's still plenty of new stuff to share as we get closer and closer. This time we'll look at the second High Magic theme deck, Steal the Show, starring the one, the only... The Great and Powerful Trixie!

    Trixie's deck is full of fun card combos and synergy, where using one card can be the start of a great magic trick that leads to epic victory. Check below the break for some tips on playing with Steal the Show, plus see the exclusive cards in the deck and more new card spoilers!

    It's High Magic, so of course the greatest wizard in all of ponykind gets the spotlight, right? Right! Here's Trixie's debut Mane Character card, Tricks of the Trade, and it's focused on Event cards and controlling faceoffs your opponents start. Once she's flipped, Trixie makes your Events cost 1 fewer action during faceoffs your opponent started, making many useful Events cheaper or even free.

    Winning faceoffs is much easier if you know what's coming up next in your deck, and that means the new Princess Twilight Sparkle, Cover to Cover comes in very handy. Her Meticulous keyword lets you peek at the top of your deck each turn, plus gain an action token whenever an opponent starts a faceoff at her Problem, plus you can exhaust her during the Main Phase each turn to gain an action. After two turns she's already paid herself back, and any further turn is profit!

    Meanwhile, Mayor Mare from Equestrian Odysseys gains 1 power each time you put a card on top of your deck, which can be multiple times with multiple Meticulous characters!

    For example, you can get more Meticulous effects from the new Owlowiscious, Retriever, who gets Meticulous for free if your Mane is Purple. Or you could use Scope Things Out to draw 4 cards, then put 3 back on top, giving Mayor Mare a sudden burst of power and setting yourself up for multiple faceoffs and draws in a row. Scope Things Out might even cost you 0 actions if you've boosted Trixie and play it at the right time!

    Plus if you have Babs Seed, Cutie Marked in play when you use Scope Things Out, she'll gain 4 power from the cards you drew! If you need even more power in a hurry, Pinkie Pie, Whole Hog can go all-in and turn her 2 power into +6 power on another character you control, helping to confront in a hurry when you really need to or win an upcoming faceoff you just can't lose.

    To add even more fun combos and tricks, here's comes some Star Swirl Research. Play Star Swirl Research to put it on top of your deck, using its huge 7 power to help win a faceoff, plus give your Mayor Mare more power. And, if you have Lemon Hearts in play, you can pay 1 action token to reveal that Star Swirl Research is on top of your deck and give Lemon Hearts 2 more power.

    So as you can see, Trixie landed herself quite a fun little deck, assuming you like putting together card combos and chains of effects! If you're curious what other cards from High Magic would make an excellent addition to this deck, check out the daily card spoilers on Twitter, catch up with the excellent fan wiki page for High Magic spoilers so far, and stay tuned here on EQD as we get closer and closer to High Magic's enchanting release!