• Jan Animation Reveals Everything From His Year Cease and Desist Hell with Hasbro

    One of the best animators in the fandom, if not THE best has gone through a year of madness working with Hasbro's legal side to get his videos re-approved for posting. If you haven't been following it, all of the pony stuff on Jan Animations channel was taken down by Hasbro back in March of 2014. This includes classics like Picture Perfect Pony, and the killing of a potentially awesome Button Mash series.

    Unfortunately the outlook doesn't look good. After conference calls, back-and-forths between multiple people, and general shenanigans, we still won't be seeing the return of the official Button Mash or anything else pony related from Jan. Maybe something will happen? If his annoyances expressed in the video are any indication, it will be a long shot.

    Get it down below!