• Hearts and Hooves Day Arrives Early, Courtesy of IDW Publishing! An Equestria Daily Exclusive Reveal!

    Happy Hearts and Hooves Day Everypony! Yes, I am well aware that everyone in the USA is thinking of turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, FOOTBALL, and spending quality time with the family in fifteen days. But our friends over at IDW are already thinking about Valentine's Day! And really, what better way is there to celebrate the day with your special someone than by giving them a valentine?

    Why giving them a Valentine with a comic inside of it of course! Which is exactly what IDW is doing this February with Valentine's Day Cover Month! There will be eleven cover in total for the month, including one cover by Lea Hernandez for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #39!

    The rest of the line up, for those of you might be interested in collecting the entire theme of the month from IDW, are as follows:

    Giving comics as Valentines sounds like a fun idea to me. And having all these titles would also make for one heck of a Valentine's Day box of Valentines.  So, what do you guys think? Be sure to discuss in the comment section below!

    And be sure to keep an eye out for IDW's February 2016 Solicitations coming out next week!