• Garbowska and Himekawa Team Up in The Land of the Rising Sun

    Please buckle your seat belts, make sure your trays are stowed and locked, all carry-on luggage is stored in the overhead compartments, and all seats are in the up right position for the latest piece of MLP comic news is coming straight from Japan!

    On Sunday, November 15th, at the Tokyo International Comic Festival IDW MLP Comic Artist will team up with Putchigumi MLP Manga Artist Akira Himekawa from 12:45–13:45 (in the Tsukurnomori booth) to collaboratively create a one of a kind My Little Pony piece of art!

    Both Agnes Garbowska, and Akira Himekawa are looking forward to the the collaboration event.

    It's Western Comics meeting Eastern Manga and the result is going to be unbelievably cute! And it's bound to be one event no MLP Pony fan will want to miss! So if you happen to be in the world's largest city this Sunday—or can afford to purchase a plane ticket and fly clear across the Pacific—consider stopping by the Tokyo International Comic Festival (located at Tokyo Big Sight 3-11-1 Ariake, Koutou-ku, Tokyo) and checking out this once in a lifetime event!