• Toy Fair 2017: Hasbro's New Pony Motion Offerings - Magic Princess Twilight, Hoof Bump Toys, and More!

    Magic Princess Twilight Sparkle

    Borg here with a second glance at some of the fun stuff at the Hasbro booth. From the My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle large robotic pony to the other cool ponies that require batteries.

    Check out the toys below...

    My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle

    She supposedly has over an hour worth of phrases and songs spread across 90 clips. I'm sorry you can't hear them now but it was very noisy in that exhibit.

    Also, this Twilight reacts to touch. I'll admit I almost lost it when she paused to let me pet her on her nose and and reacted when I poked her chest.

    Hoof Bumping Friends

    If you make these ponies hoof bump they light up with this friendship. If you hoof bump them with your hand, they react differently. It probably depends on your internet history.

    Pinkie Pie Swimming Seapony

    Flip the switch and Pinkie Pie in seapony form makes a splash in the pool or tub. She'll swim in either fresh or saltwater.

    Flying Princess Plushes

    They flap their wings when you squeeze their hooves.

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