• Music: Brohoof Studios - Fire (feat. Glitchling) [syzygy. Remix] [Trapstep] / StrachAttack - Black Magic VIP (feat. NekoWolf) [Redux] [Trap]

    Here we have some seriously awesome new electronic music, with two recently released remixes with varying degrees of trap influence. First up is a relative newcomer to the scene, with syzygy.'s remix of Brohoof Studios' dubstep track Fire, featuring rap from Glitchling. This remix takes the wubs and dials them up about 10 notches with some incredibly heavy sound design, and it blends the rap in really well. The second track is a continuation of Strach's infatuation with constantly improving his Black Magic track. I'm pretty sure at this point it's the 3rd time he's revamped it, and each time it just gets better! This one is a lot more trap-y than the first feature, but it still manages to fit in a few wubs too. Make sure to check both of them out below!

    1. Brohoof Studios - Fire (feat. Glitchling) [syzygy. Remix] [Trapstep]

    2. StrachAttack - Black Magic VIP (feat. NekoWolf) [Redux] [Trap]