• BABSCon 20% Off Black Friday Adventure

    This year BABSCon is full of adventure and movie magic. To help you get there, Golden Gates and Co. have recovered a promo code for 20% off ANY membership. Use code BLACKFRIDAY20 at checkout and get your membership at the lowest price you could ever get it.

    Oh, and the sale starts now until Cyber Monday!

    See the rest of the release below!

    Noble Pony Only 11 left! $1000 $800
    Crystal Pony Only 25 left! $500 $400
    High Society Pony Only 28 left! $280 $224
    Canterlot Pony $130 $104
    Ponyville Regular 3-day $70 $56
    Kid’s Crusader 3-day $40 $32

    Once again, go to https://registration.babscon.com and use code BLACKFRIDAY20 for 20% off ANY membership, before it goes away.

    BABSCon, the Bay Area Brony Spectacular, is the San Francisco Bay Area's annual convention for fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and associated titles. Operating since 2014, BABSCon brings together some of the most talented actors, writers, and artists in the industry and fandom to meet and interact with attendees, and provides a family-friendly safe space for fans to learn about animation, buy and sell wares and art, support local charities, and make new friends that attend from all around the world.

    Email [email protected] for more information or check us out below: