• Friendship is Gaming Community Event Starting Tomorrow

    Tomorrow and the day after mark a two day TF2 gaming event dedicated to anyone interested in playing some newbie style competitive over there. Everyone interested in joining your fellow pony fan for some shootin' should head on down below the break for info, or hit the EQD Forums for the announcement post!

    Announcing the Quacksgiving Newbie Tournament, a unofficial Friendship is Gaming Thanksgiving tournament geared towards getting newer players into competitive TF2. It will be a two day event on the 25th and 26th of November from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm Eastern time (subject to change due to server limitations). There are no entry requirements but there will be restrictions on those with prior competitive TF2 experience.
        Deadline for entry is Friday the 25th at 6 pm est.
    The format and prizes will be announced just before the tournament starts, depending on player population. The format will be either single or double elimination ranging from 2v2 (ultiduo) to 9v9 (highlander), depending on how many players, to maintain brevity, all teams will play a maximum of three matches a day. The tournament will be either single or double elimination. To form a team you must have all players approved and then make a post listing all participants, the first list of approvals will come out tonight at about 9 pm.
    The minimum Prize pool will be a minimum of 10 TF2 Keys but will increase from donations, larger formats, and larger player interest.
    Experienced players will only be able to play on teams of limited experience and are encouraged to act as the mentor, leader and maincaller.

    • All players must conduct themselves in a decent and sportsmanlike manner and will not spam, threaten, or harass any other participant. This rule will be enforced.
    • All players must be reviewed before joining and any prior competitive TF2 experience must be declared, regardless of time, league, or format.
    • Main accounts only, no alts.
    • You must be able to attend matches ranging from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm Eastern, all matches must be started within 15 minutes of the assigned start time.
    • Sub players are to be approved and treated like normal players
    • We will be using the appropriate global 6v6 and UGC 9v9 whitelists
    • Do not apply unless if you can play reasonably well on a NA server, probably Chicago or Dallas
    Problems are expected as this is our first time doing this so bear with us.