• Stay Brony My Friends #114 with Iris Quinn, Principal Cinch from Friendship Games

    Stay Brony My Friends has an interesting guest for you all this time around! Since the release of Friendship Games, there have not been any interviews with Iris Quinn, the woman behind of voice of Principal Cinch in Friendship Games, until now. What sort of info was Dusty and crew able to learn from the strict authoritarian? Check out the episode after the break to find out!

    Also, as usual with SBMF, they have a new charity to support along with the new episode! Operation Eyesight Universal is an organization dedicated to helping provide routine operations, eyeglasses, and more to the poor around the world. As usual there are little prizes to be had for helping so make sure to check after the break for that as well.

    Standing proud and staring into the abyss that is another pony show hiatus. Our intrepid heroes Dustykatt and his sidekick (Minion!) Screwball fight the doldrums and blahs by bringing you the best guests around!

    This week we welcomed Iris Quinn to the program. Iris played the marvelous Principal Cinch in the Friendship Games movie as well as sang the Villain song "Release the Magic". She regaled us with tales of Musical theatre as well as her love of cooking. She loves cooking so much she wrote and published a cookbook! This was her first interview with our fandom and we were more than happy to welcome her to the herd!

    Big Jim's Charity broke through to 610 dollars and we thank you all! The kids in Vancouver will have lots of colored pencils and other art supplies because of your generosity! Rarity would be proud!

    Iris's charity hits close to home for her. Operation Eyesight Universal was started by her great uncle Dr. Benjamin Gullison who in 1933 went to India and started treating the poor with routine operations to improve eyesight. from cataract removal to distributing quality recycled eyeglasses. 

    Eyesight is something most of us take for granted, or at the very worst a cause to wear glasses. But for many people in the developing world, an otherwise-treatable condition such as glaucoma or cataracts can degenerate into permanent blindness.

    Operation Eyesight Universal brings high-quality eye care to developing countries. Over the years they have trained doctors to become skilled eye surgeons, and opened clinics in India and Africa. Their efforts have saved thousands of people from blindness... and we're going to support their efforts to save thousands more.

    Just think... your donations could help someone see ponies for the first time!

    If you go to ManliestBrony.com and click on the link, donating some bits for this worthy cause you will be entered into a drawing for some fine swag including TSSSF cards, comics from IDW and a Crystal empire princesses pony toy set.

    If we break 500 bits, Iris is kicking in a signed copy of her cookbook! If you would like to BUY a copy with 2 dollars from every one sold going to this fine cause, you can get one here: http://www.irisquinn.com/order.html

    And again we thank you for your continued support!

    Dustykatt & Screwball

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