• Music of the Day #602

    Derpy Hooves got some new glasses. How do you think she looks?

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    [1] Source

    Equalize by AJ Young


    [2] Source

    GhostXb - Awkward Romance by GhostXb

    String Quartet

    [3] Source

    Totalspark - Snow Drifts VIP by OfficialTotalspark


    [4] Source

    Comet Glider - Hearth's Warming by Comet Glider

    [5] Source

    Mlp Deck The Halls Cover--AshleyH {12DaysofCovers} by Ashley H

    [6] Source

    Warm Embrace by Sonic Hooves

    [7] Source

    Maressey - Half a Pegasus by MLP Maressey

    Indie Rock

    [8] Source

    fractilx - Diamond Slalom by InklingBear

    [9] Source

    Einarx - Apple Destroyer 2000 by Einarx

    [10] Source

    ertrii - Magic Place by ertrii