• Story: A Game of Kings and Pretty Pony Princesses (Update - Complete!)


    Author: Lost_Marbles

    The “Game of Kings” - Chess. One monarch uses his army to defeat another. It involves using strategy to crush your foes.
    It’s war.
    From far-off lands, the Mouse King and his knights infest the Everfree Forest and terrorize Ponyville. Twilight and company try to deal with them peacefully, and they don’t seem to be evil, even though they fight, steal, curse, and have no respect for public property.
    They also keep whispering about “a game." Could this game spell trouble for the ponies? Of course it does! Have you seen the cover art?
    Follow Hauteclaire, the Mouse King's bard and punching bag, as he puts up with his bizarre, sadistic, and diminutive King; Porthos, a drunk the size of a carriage; Marcus, his know-it-all and hack poet brother; Godiva, a violent pony-fanatic; and Knebryter, a pony head on a stick. Not to mention the nosy ponies, friendship, bad jokes, decapitation and pretty much everything else that pisses him off.
    Mystery, Action, and "What in Equestria" moments await.

    A Game of Kings and Pretty Pony Princesses (New Part 17!)

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