• Newbie Artist Training Grounds V: Day 6

    You just know that Pinkie Pie has a whole bunker complex under Sugarcube Corner filled to the brim with everything she needs! Like Pinkie here you guys came prepared with all sorts of cool disguised pony fakers tonight, generating 226 entries which brings our total to 1269 entries!

    With day 5 a memory it is time for us to move on to day 6 and Phoe has a fun one for you guys tonight: Draw a pony playing games/Draw a pony champion! We really hope you'll have as much fun as the ponies you're going to be drawing in the next 24 hours. We believe in you guys, keep up the amazing hard work.

    As always, you can submit your finished pics here.

    We've gotten some confusion on how to submit to our submitter. In the space for the picture URL you want to put in the image URL link. To find this, upload your picture somewhere whether it be dA, Derpibooru, Imgur or wherever and right click on the image. In Chrome you want to click the 'Copy Image URL' button or something similar in other browsers. Input that URL and you should be good to go!

    We've got a tutorial below too if you're still having trouble!

    If a picture you made doesn't end up in the gallery tonight, please try resubmitting it. Sometimes things get eaten.

    You can check out all our stealthy ponies after the break!

    Paste your URL Here:

    If you run into issues, send an email to Submit@equestriadaily.com.

    Twitter: Phoe
    Twitter: Calpain