• BronyScot Extends Convention to Two Days!

    BronyScot has some great news for you guys today as they proudly announce that the event will not be one day as originally planned, but has been expanded to a two day event this November! This is sure to provide a lot more fun for attendees, vendors and staff alike.

    This has also caused some changes in scheduling so check on after the break for the full details!

    We’ve been eager to announce this for quite some time. BronyScot was a one day event last
    year, and up until now so was this year. Well! That’s no longer the case. You’ll be pleased to
    hear BronyScot is happening over two days, both Saturday and the Sunday. From 21st to
    the 22nd November 2015.

    To achieve this we’re holding our music event on the Sunday instead of Saturday evening.
    This frees up the Saturday for a load more panels and activities. Rock Nessie will be moving
    to the very fitting Cabaret Voltaire, an extremely Scottish and lively gig venue right in the
    heart of the city centre. Our musicians are going to love it, and we think you guys will too. It’s
    a perfect location for a music event.

    Injustrial, Aphylliate, OWP and Sketchy Sounds will be making a comeback. Also expect to
    see Pipsqueak among other great performances by other epic musicians who we’ll be
    announcing in due course.

    Rock Nessie tickets are the low price of £10 and are available from our webstore alongside
    the convention tickets. Support the con and get yours today, don’t leave it till it’s too late!
    Oh! And that epic pic of Nessie up there? That’ll be available as a TShirt.
    For more details on Rock Nessie and the Convention please check out our website.

    Twitter: Calpain