• Equestrian Odysseys - Developers & Playtesters Pick Favorites

    Just to catch some of you up, Equestrian Odysseys is the latest expansion set for the official My Little Pony CCG... and it comes out tomorrow!

    It's been fun to check in with the development team for MLP: CCG and see what they pick as their personal favorites of each set. This time we're also going to hear from a few community playtesters and see what they had the most fun trying out before the cards were in the public eye. Check below the break!

    Darrell is the lead designer on MLP: CCG, and he had this to say about his favorite, the Muffin Mare Mane Character:

    "On its start side, this Mane Character rewards you for doing what you want to do with Orange -- have Friends with lots of power. (And the fact it also works with your opponent's Friends is a sneaky bonus your opponent might not catch.) Once it's boosted, Muffin Mare lets you shuffle power the board, moving it from where you don't need it (like your home) to where you do (like at a Problem). This is especially fun to do in conjunction with all the +1 power counters being tossed around this set: you can pile counters onto one Friend, then transfer its power to others as you see fit."

    Trevor is the lead developer, and he went with a more fan-based route:

    "My two favorite cards are the Pinkie Pie and Lyra cards designed by the fans.

    One of the bigger highlights of my time working on MLP: CCG was hosting both the Design-A-Card panels in 2014 which yielded these two cards. The MLP: CCG community is amazing, the panels were a great experience, and now everyone gets to see their creativity in card form. "

    Adam is also on the card development side, and it was no surprise he chose a card purely due to its gameplay flexibility and effectiveness:

    "I'll go with Interdimensional Portal - it's a simple but extremely flexible effect.  The breadth of what it is able to do, depending on the surrounding board state, gives it a great deal of potential to be used creatively for powerful results."

    Rob (me!) from card design and the Ponification Department (if that was a thing) chooses Napcakes. You can use it at any time to get rid of an opponent's Friend from play, put it on their deck to help make them lose an upcoming faceoff, then watch it go to the bottom of their deck. But, mostly, just look at it. It's called Napcakes. And now I'm hungry.

    The first to report in from our playtesters is Ebugle, with his personal choice of Daring Do Poster.

    "I love amassing massive amounts of Action Tokens, and Daring Do poster is a great way to do it. Sure, you need to actually have face-up troublemakers to get any benefit from this, but if you can do so and maintain them as such, you'll be rolling in AT. It's just a fantastically designed card that helps you maintain an advantage while providing nothing at all once the opponent can finally break through. Plus, it's hilarious with "Mi Amore Cadenza."

    Another playtester who goes by the name twibuster chimed in with his favorite, the new Rarity Mane:

    "In the words of the Prophet Steven Tyler, "You have to lose to know how to win." This Mane boosts by falling behind on the scoreboard, which you can use to your advantage in both the early game and late game. Score points by sitting back and planning your strategy, or let your opponent take the lead in your endgame strategy to catapult yourself to victory."

    And last, but certainly not least, everyone needs to see why playtester Charlotte White chose this card...

    "Scootaloo cards are always my favorite cards because I relate to Scootaloo on a spiritual level. This one is especially awesome because she's tiny and cheap and will fight anyone any time even though the fight takes so much out of her she has to go lie down after. If it specifically said she got involved in the Faceoff by biting the opponent, I would assume this card was based on my actual life."

    Many of you made it out to Equestrian Odysseys prerelease events, and you can check the great fan wiki list to see them all... So, everyone out there, what are YOUR favorites? Share in the comments below!