• Music of the Day #497

    Can you imagine going from a badass city like Cloudsdale, to a dump like Griffonstone? Gilda tasted the good life! Maybe Griffonstone was better before the idol was stolen though? It still looked pretty dirty-bird-nesty.

    Get some Music of the Day below!

    [1] Source
    Maressey - I Know Its Over
    Indie Rock Parody

    [2] Source
    Stars - Original mix
    Electronic House

    [3] Source
    The Goddess of the Sun

    [4] Source
    Panic - Summertimes (VIP)

    [5] Source
    Photo Shoot [remix]

    [6] Source

    [7] Source
    My Past is Not Today - MLP: Equestria Girls ~Rainbow Rocks~ (Cover)

    [8] Source
    "Discord's Universe" [Progressive Ambient Breakbeat]

    [9] Source
    Ryazan - Lunamoon

    [10] Source
    REDD & Swedish Horse Mafia - Bloodlust (Raging Rarity Remix)