• EqD Clicker Game - Experience the Life of a Blogger!

    Ever wonder what it's like to be a Blogger on EqD? Look no further than the EqD clicker! Experience the sometimes tedium, sleeplessness and all the #horsefame that running a pony blog can guarantee you!

    With monotonous tasks and a strange addicting feeling you can take a look at the world pony media!

    In all seriousness folks it's a good piece of satire (or not if you feel that way) created by some of our biggest fans. Think you can marry Trixie before Seth? Get to clickin!

    Get the instructions over here (this game is super complex).

    EqD Clicker Game

    (Sorry Seth. Don't beat me)
    PPS Cal derped the timeslot. Derp!

    Thanks to The Perlerpony's for the heads up!

    (Can confirm, EQD is 90% spreading the word of Trixie) - Seth