• 99 Episode Celebration - 9 Of the Best Side Characters of the Last Five Seasons!

    We are coming up on the big 100th episode of Friendship is Magic. It still amazes me that we have been here going on to five years now. Think about how long that is! Games, movies, and music we consider old were new back then!

    Lets celebrate for the next few weeks while we wait for it's air date with a series of posts highlighting some of the best parts of the last 99 episodes. In 2,178 minutes of glorious pony, we have had too many amazing moments to list in just one post.

    Altogether, we should hit 11 categories with 9 entries each. Feel free to recommend a category you'd like to see in the comments, as we haven't actually decided on all of them yet.

    Today we celebrate characters, or more specifically, characters that aren't regularly seen. Antagonists, major side characters, and more. Head on down below the break for our list!

    (I should probably note that these are in no specific order, removed the numbers!)

    (Added note: This is not for background ponies or fandom made characters)

    Photo Finish

    Green Isn't Your Color marked her big debut, and one of our earliest looks into the high-fashion side of ponyland. Canterlot and it's elite are a demanding class of ponies, and a pony like Photo Finish with her speedy go-getter demeanor helps fuel it. Our favorite Twilight Sparkle recolor even had one of the biggest animations in the fandom!

    Will we see her again in the actual show outside of the background? I'm not too sure. She kinda served per purpose. DHX has pulled it off before though!


    When Discord first arrived all those seasons ago, I don't think they intended him to be more than a one or two shot villain. After being re-released though, he has become sort of a staple character in the series, joining the princesses in frequency of episodes. Nothing takes what could be an average day in Ponyville and spins it into madness like the god of chaos! 

    The best thing about Discord is how much a complete mystery the guy still is. We know Celestia "tests" Twilight with these situations sometimes from the comics, but Discord does it in a way that stretches her and the rest of the mane 6 to the limit. A Discord episode with another major villain/monster usually ends with him wink/nudging that he knew about it all along. Did he predict the Tirek thing? A lot of conspiracies seem to point to it all being part of his plan... whatever it is.

    I'm sure we will see him, and hopefully more of his odd chaotic companions in the future! G4 Smooze was unexpected compared to his oldschool equivalent, and awesome.

    Maud Pie

    Do you have any idea how many MLG/Rekt Maud Pie videos we have gotten over the last week and a half? Seriously, it's an absolute tsunami. That's the power of the pony that says so little. A seeming stick in the mud that comes out of nowhere constantly with her dry humor to amaze.

    Mauds return was inevitable with how many people loved her in the fourth season. I'm sure we will see her regularly, at least in the background or comedy relief, long into the future.

    Iron Will

    Aquaman (who you may recognize from episode followups) recommended this guy. At first I wasn't sure if I agreed with him, but Iron Will actually did have a pretty cool role in the episode. A traveling sales-minotaur assertiveness guru isn't something you see every day.

    He also seems to have set the precedent for minotaurs in Equestria being business oriented. We saw yet another one in the My Little Pony comics following a similar capitalistic way. Will Iron will Return in the future? I'm doubting that one. He got his followup in the comics. He did leave a pretty good impression on his short visit though!


    You know who really needs an episode? This zebra right here. Quite a bit of Twilight Sparkle's early growth was augmented by her advice. I remember reading a while back that this was going to be her main role in the series according to Lauren Faust's original animation bible. A mysterious wise voodoo pony living on the outskirts of Ponyville.

    Here's to hoping we get to explore her, and her race, either later in this season or the next. With this map theme, I wouldn't be surprised if we got something.

    Starlight Glimmer

    This one got my vote. I love me some Starlight Glimmer. Everything from her overly exaggerated mannerisms to her incredibly warped world view are just... fun. She's sort of proof that a unicorn losing her mind is a scary prospect in Equestria. There is a running theme throughout the series of highly powerful magic users causing trouble.

    Despite having the entire season opener, the character herself is still somewhat of a mystery. What caused her to crave equality? Or was it just a front to feel powerful over a group of disabled ponies? I need more! Her escape hints at a future return, so hopefully that happens, with more catchy songs in tow.

    Derpy Hooves

    It's Derpy! She's like the oldschool fandom mascot. No one ever expected DHX to literally adopt a fandom built character, and I think a lot of us are still saddened by Hasbro's knee-jerk response at removing her early on. It's sort of a testament to the old "can't please everyone" clause, with the vocal minority almost killing an awesome character. She still hasn't completely recovered.

    They do seem to be opening up to her more and more as the seasons go on. While I don't think we will run into any vocal scenes, she does at least play a role in things now. Maybe episode 100 will change that? Only time will tell...


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    Seriously though shes a cool pony I hear~ 


    We'd probably be flayed alive if Moonbutt didn't make an appearance here. I actually greatly prefer her comic personality to the show though. They sort of took her role in Luna Eclipse and ran with it, while the series went for a more serious route with her dreamwalking.

    What we need is an entire episode dedicated to Luna and Celestia's sisterly shenanigans. Send them to a beach somewhere and slice of life it up! I need Luna yelling at "disrespectful" peasant vendors! I need Celestia coaching Luna on proper beach etiquette! It needs to be done!

    Honorable Mention
    Sunset Shimmer

    Give me the hooves version of this character any day. Technically she doesn't count, since she wasn't in one of the 99 episodes, but I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in wanting some ponyland of Sunset Shimmer. I didn't like her in the first movie, but she sold it in the second. Add that late-release "My Past is Not Today" song, and I'm all over this.


    That about covers it! Feel free to rip us to shreds for not picking your special somepony. It was a tough choice with only 9 slots.

    And recommend other categories too! We only have maybe four set in stone.

    Sethisto out!