• EQD Mascot Report: Day 2 - More Than One?

    (from Rameslack!) 

    We are coming around to ~200 mascots submitted so far, and around 34 we are really fond of. The pressure is on! So many amazing ideas have come in, from different accessories and hats, to various color schemes. We have seen some ponies we immediately just wanted to adopt right off, and the debates in EQD chat have been heavy. At the end of the event, or periodically, we will probably toss all the submissions up for fun, so try to include a Deviant Art source if you submit.

    New Idea! A Duo of Ponies: 

    One thing that came up yesterday, possibly due to how many amazing ponies we are getting, is the idea of having more than one. While a lot of people are recommending a trio representing the three pony tribes, I'm not sure if we want to go that far yet. A duo would be a bit more interesting.

    Head on down below the break for what we've come up with in terms of that!

    Big sister and little sister

    A running theme in the show, and something that the pony above helped solidify. We've had a few really cute fillies come in that would go really well with a sister mare.

    A mare and a stallion

    Technically we aren't taking stallions right now, but we might open it up later if this idea keeps going.

    A silly pony and a serious pony

    EQD has always been somewhat varied in terms of how we approach everything. On one hand, we like to make sure the actual show news is well researched and real. We will post rumors, but these rumors are usually only after quite a bit of debate. If you saw how many fake pieces of news we get on a daily basis you'd understand why we are so wary of dropping anything off. The serious pony would be on this side.

    On the other hand, we like to have fun and mess around. 3AM/5AM posts, random gifs, pony takeovers on various posts, silly top 5's. I call this "not burn out on pony mode", and it helps both us, and hopefully you. The silly pony would be a representaiton of this, and drive her sister/brother/roommate absolutely nuts.

    This is turning into a lot more fun than I thought it would. Lets see where we end up! If you want to follow along, we now have a section for these.

    Anyway, keep the ideas coming!