• BABScon Hoofwrestling Diva Match Update

    BABScon is happening in a few weeks, and in usual convention fashion, a whole bunch of charity events are planned around it. The Hoofwrestrling battle has some new additions to the mix. Head on down below the break to check out the promo for it!

    WHAT?! Adagio Dazzle comes out of hiding! AND SHE WANTS REVENGE!
    That's right hoof wrestling fans, the mistress of malice Adagio Dazzle has challenged our sweet, lovable Sunset Shimmer to a hoof wrestle at Babscon, but will Sunset take the challenge?
    That's the question on all fans minds now with Hoofwrestlemania only 2 weeks away!
    Also, if you come to the event and donate your bits to charity then your name will be put into a giveaway for a one of a kind "Paper Ponies" art box made JUST for this event!

    You don't want to miss this panel! Divas! Machismo! Charity! The Battle by the Bay! The Slobberknocker in San Fanciscolt!
    BE THERE!!!!!