• Ted Anderson and Agnes Garbowska Official IDW FAQ, With Major Plot Point Revealed!

    FIENDship is Magic is delving into some seriously deep pony canon, and these three are not going to disappoint. IDW did a Q&A session with the team behind their issue, including revealing a very interesting plot point.

    Head on down below the break for that if you don't feel like digging, or check it out over at their site!

    Welcome fellow lazy people! Your major plot point is:

    Starswirl the Bearded! That's right, he is apparently going to play a huge role in the sirens comic, based on the story that he originally banished them (revealed in Rainbow Rocks). We saw Starswirl in his old age during the mirror world arc, but never in his badass butt kicking prime.

    Thansk to Masem for sending it!