• Equestria Daily Needs a Mascot Pony!

    As many of you have probably picked up over the years, Trixie was pretty much adopted early on as that placeholder pony we use for everything that most pony based websites would use their own original character for.  Obviously we can't claim Trixie as EQD's mascot (as much as I'd love to), but we can attempt to brainstorm up an OC to take her place! 

    The biggest problem we have here behind the scenes is the lack of an artist, and lack of creativity. You may have noticed our banners are pretty much entirely composed of vector art. Banners were always something Cereal Velocity and I would do before he landed a full time real job, and neither of us are actually artists.  For how much we love plugging your drawings, we can't actually draw.  Every once in a while a kind art pro donates a banner, but we can only ask for so much.

    So, for the first time in forever, my horribly uncreative self is going beg you guys for help.

    Good citizens of the brony fandom, we are taking ideas, concepts, advice, art, color combos or whatever else you can help with to get ourselves an adorable Equestria Daily OC pony. Said pony will hopefully adorn some of our more static sections, as well as any banners we can possibly build over time. Since EQD is so fandom driven, this is probably our best bet.

    If we get enough interest, maybe we can compile up a post and see if we can't do a vote on our favorites.

    If you are interested in sending something in, just drop an email at the Submit@Equestriadaily.com box with MASCOT as the subject!

    My only main request is that we go with a cute female pony. Outside of that, anything is game. Accessories, Hats, wild rainbow colors, it's all good!