• International Editions of IDW's MLP Comics—Submission Post

    While keeping on top of what's available from IDW for the MLP Comic line, there's been one aspect of the MLP Comics that's been overlooked.

    No, it's not interviewing all the comic creators. I'm working through that list and will hopefully have a few more in-depth interviews soonTM.

    Rather, what's been overlooked is the international side of MLP comics. There's a whole bunch of possibilities as to how these comic stories from IDW are translated and presented in languages outside of English.

    For instance, posted in the header image above—and the links below—we have three different versions of the first Trade Paperback of the IDW Micro Series.

    English Original—IDW Publishing
    German Translation—Panini Comics
    Japanese Translation—Village Books

    While the Original English and German Translated edition covers didn't change much from one language to another, the Japanese Translated edition has completely unique cover for the volume. Who knows what other differences exist among the various editions!

    Of course, the hardest part is finding them.

    If you happen to know where to find the translated comics, in any language, toss up a comment below. After a week I'll compile the results and we'll just have to see what can be found of the IDW My Little Pony Comics from around the world!