• Random Merch: Knockoff Blindbags, LOADS of Ridiculous Vector Derps, and More!

    ONE MUST knockoff pony merchandise to make MAD MONEY.  These "Pony Power" Decoden Bling figures were spotted at Hobby Lobby by Taylor.  Truly a remarkable usage of the blind bag style.  Too many colts for my liking though.

    Get the RANDOM MERCH below! Expect a lot of derpy items this time. I have no idea how they are missing these.

    Best Friend Necklaces

    Or does it go further than friendship...?

    Found at: Hot Topic
    Found by: 2Spook

    Mane Styling Kits

    We posted Pinkie Pie I think a while back, but now we have the rest of those "ponies that hasbro releases first because the other three don't sell as well".  I'd buy Fluttershy Hasbro.

    Found at: Gurney Plaze in Malaysia
    Found by: BBK

    Swirl Pop

    It really is always Twilight and Pinkie

    Found at: 99 Cent Store
    Found by: Dustin

    Pinkie Pie Creepin Bag

    She looks like she is planning something doesn't she?

    Found at: California Toys R' Us
    Found by: Applebuckshot

    Derpy Applejack Puzzle Set

    Apples went FULL DERP.  Even Twilight Sparkle is chuckling at it.

    Found at: Dollar Tree
    Found by: Soundscapewub

    Hasbro Toy Shop Adds Cutie Mark Magic

    Just in case you were having trouble getting these in stores.

    Get Bonbon here, and Diamond Mint here!

    Found by: Mrs. Mawianne

    Rainbow Straws

    Filled with powder apparently

    Found at: Hot Topic in California
    Found by: Tyler

    Pinkie Pie Eats her Eyeball

    Yep, Pinkie Pie apparently broke.  Poor pony.  It was inevitable though. Found on Amazon over here!

    Found by: Sam