• All IDW Titles Scheduled for 2/18/2015 Have Been Delayed

    IDW has released a press release detailing the unfortunate circumstances that has unfortunately led to all IDW Comics releasing next Wednesday to be delayed.

    This is a problem that is going to be ongoing for duration of the labor disputes currently plaguing all US West Coast seaports.

    When will MLP:FiM #28, MLP:FF #14, and MLP: Adventures in Friendship #2 actually hit comic shops? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Full press release below the break.

    To our loyal friends and fans: Due to the ongoing problems at West coast ports, our normal shipping procedures have been completely interrupted, causing unpredictable delays. Regrettably, this has resulted in all our books planned for release on 2/18 to be delayed. We’ve looked at every possible scenario to prevent this, but the situation is completely beyond our control. We are taking steps to improve this for the immediate future, but the books and products that are currently on the water cannot be re-directed. We will be updating our weekly releases and keeping you informed as the situation works toward a resolution. We understand this is not an ideal situation, and apologize for any inconvenience this causes, and look forward to things getting back to normal in ensuing weeks.

    • Titles Slated for 2/18 Release,
      Now Scheduled for 2/25
      • Airboy Archives Vol. 3 TP
      • Creature Cops Special Varmint Unit #2
      • D4VE #1
      • Dead Squad #4
      • Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #2
      • Garbage Pail Kids: Love Stinks
      • G.I. Joe Vol. 1: The Fall of G.I. Joe TP
      • Haunted Horror #15
      • Joe Frankenstein #1
      • Judge Dredd Anderson– Psi-Division TP
      • My Little Pony Adventures in Friendship Vol. 2 HC
      • TMNT New Animated Adventures #20
      • Zombies vs Robots #2

    Titles Confirmed for 2/25 Release
    (Not Delayed by Port Congestion)
    • G.I. Joe: Snakes Eyes Agent of Cobra #2
    • Star Trek #42
    • TMNT Mutanimals #1
    • TMNT #43