• Seabronies - The Meetup Group for Cruises

    A new type of meetup group is looking to try something interesting.  With conventions being as big as they are, why not shift one over to a cruise ship and get some travel going instead? Seabronies hopes to start up meetup groups that actually do some traveling! If you are anything like me, you are probably beyond sick of convention centers. 

    Right now, things are only in the planning stages, but some big names are on board with it including the original creator of BronyCon, as well as the leader of Bronies-NYC and the artistic lead for BABSCon. 

    Anyway, head on down below the break for the specifics!

    In the wake of a recent "brony cruise" scam, a thought occurred to people ranging from charity organizers to convention creators to the fine folks of /mlp/: "Why not simply set up a meetup where everyone agrees to book passage on the same cruise, and meetup activities are conducted in larger staterooms and public areas of the ship?"

    In other words, a brony/ponyfan/horsebucker meetup group that holds its meetups at sea.

    A group of us came together to make this a reality. Thus was born SeaBronies, the world's first brony meetup group with all its meets held on commercially available cruises. Its founding co-chairs include the founder of BronyCon, the longtime chair of Bronies-NYC, and the artistic lead for BABSCon.

    SeaBronies is for bronies/pegasisters/ponyfans/horsebuckers who are interested in taking a cruise with other such pony people. We will NOT be selling admission to any cruise. Rather, we will simply be arranging meetups and fun group activities on existing cruises, and coordinating travel plans between members. All key points of travel, including itineraries, activities and any group facilities rentals, will be voted on via public poll.

    If you're interested in helping with the effort, please join the group at www.meetup.com/SeaBronies. Don't forget to RSVP for the planning call on February 28, where all callers will get to vote on the group's 2015 cruise "home".

    Also, until said planning call on February 28, the group is selling a limited-edition T-shirt for just $20 to benefit the meetup's VIP fund. As all VIP appearances are funded solely through merch sales, if you want to see lots of pony celebs on-board (possibly including EqD staffers... hint hint!), go snag this swag shirt, as shown in the header.

    A general Q&A on the group is below.


    Q #1: How do we know this isn't a scam like that 'brony cruise' scam?

    A: Simple. We aren't selling anything! You won't book passage through us; you'll book through whatever cruise agent you want. We're simply arranging to meet up on pre-existing commercial cruises. If we collect any money at all, it will be relatively little ($20-50 per head), and will be to book a suite for use as a party room/communal gathering place. Any excess would be donated to a charity voted upon by public poll.

    Q #2: How can I afford to go on a cruise? I'm a dog-poor student. Don't cruises cost thousands of dollars?

    A: NOPE! Cruises are hella cheap nowadays. As seen in this Orbitz screenshot, berths on classic Caribbean cruises can be had for under $200. That's not 'per night'. That's TOTAL. Insanely cheap.

    Q #3: I'm 18. Can I do this?

    A: Yep! Even in the WORST case scenario, most cruise lines simply require that ONE person per stateroom be 21+. We're targeting cruise lines that are friendly to the 18-21 demographic as well as those 21+.

    Q #4: The group says it's based out of New York. Is that where you will sail out of?

    A: Probably not. The group itself will vote on the entire itinerary. Miami, Tampa, etc. are more popular departure ports than NYC.

    Q #5: I don't have a passport. How much does the State Department charge lately?

    A: Apparently, to travel to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda, you only need a Passport CARD. The State Department lists the total fees as $55. A full passport "book" is not necessary; only the passport "card".

    Q #6: You're booking VIPs? Where's the money for that coming from?

    A: Co-founder Purple Tinker, who will attempt to make her money back by selling official SeaBronies merch. (And if she doesn't make it all back, no big. But buy some stuff!)

    Q #7: What services will the group organizers provide during the cruise?

    A: Printed schedules containing several prearranged "tracks" of activities for our members, including both aboard and ashore activities, as well as convenient reminders of all major shipboard activities such as meals. Lanyards to identify group members. Communications facilities including a communal corkboard, spare schedules, and an intra-member post office service with thrice-daily mail pickup (pre-breakfast, lunch, post-dinner). Onboard WiFi communications network with shipboard email for member-to-member communication. Walkie talkie network linking key staff members at all times.

    Q #8: Will there be any dues?

    A: That is up to YOU. The only group expense planned is an optional "community suite" which would be kept open and available 24/7 for the use of any seapony. If the community so votes, a small fee will be collected to support the rental of this suite. Otherwise, there will be no dues whatsoever. All other expenses will be funded by group organisers through merchandise sales.

    Q #9: I can't cruise with you ponies, but I support you. How can I support you?

    A: [1] Buy a shirt! [2] Tell your friends about our meetup group. [3] Like us on Facebook. [4] Follow us on Twitter, and retweet our tweets!

    Q #10: I'm European; all your possible cruises seem to leave from American or Canadian ports. What about us Euro-ponies?

    A: We are seeking assistance in establishing a European branch of SeaBronies, with activities coordinated across both groups! Contact us via the Meetup page or Twitter if you're interested.