• Friendship is Magic the Movie to See Larger Budget

    The investor conference is still going on and we've got another little encouraging tidbit from the presentation regarding FiM! According to the presentation, Hasbro is looking to invest more cash into MLP:FiM The Movie starting this year and ramping up again in 2016. They mention that it's still a modest budget, but more money is better than less!

    I guess the extra revenue Hasbro is making from pony is making its way back to the show in some way thankfully! Let's hope this helps make the movie as awesome as possible!

    Update: And based on the chart, "2017 and beyond" is checked for MLP films. Expect more after EG3 and possibly more pony after the 2017 movie.  They ramp up investment in the first movie in 2016, so the following year may be another one entirely.

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