• Poppin' Pinkie Pie Game Gets an Image - Ponies Popping Out of Cakes Now A Thing

    PINKIE PIE! You are now cake! Not to be confused with that Poppin Pinkie Pie from the Playskool lineup, this one is actually a full on game.  The amazon description does a good job of explaining it:

    • Poppin' Pinkie Pie game is cake-decorating fun
    • Balloons make the cake prettier with every turn
    • Pinkie Pie figure pops out of the cake
    • If she does it on your turn you win
    • Unlock the character in the My Little Pony Friendship Celebration app (device not included)

    So ponies popping out of cake finally came full circle.  I still remember that fateful day three and a half years ago when  Madmax first introduced the concept: 

    Good times. Confusing times all around, but good times.

    Get Pinkie's Poppin' Game over here!  Or at least when it's actually available.

    Thanks to Zimail for the heads up!