• Playskool Lineup Revealed - Chibi Style Ponies On the Horizon with Packs, Playsets, and More!

    Playskool stuff popped up a few days ago, but the items that were on the way were all pretty small.  We now have full size versions, along with new products that will be included in the lineup.

    Toy Fair will probably be the big drop, but for now, we have specifics on a bunch of different ones.  Head on down below the break to check it all out!

    Story Pack Ponies: ($6.99 for two, or $19.99 for the Collector Pack of seven) 

    Rainbow Dash Glow Pony ($16.99)

    Pinkie Pie Party Popper ($32.99)

    Pinkie Pie Walking Pony ($9.99)

    Friendship Party Bus ($14.99)

    Musical Celebration Castle ($29.99)

    Thanks to Lucy for the heads up!