• Interesting Thing About the New Character Revealed in the Season 5 Trailer

    She's already getting multiple names around the internet, but I'm going with the Mayor Marx one.  Of all the generically happy new cartoon horses of this mysterious equal sign town, she seems to be the standout.

    We have a full on trailer followup similar to our episode followups going up later that will be digging into absolutely every little nugget of information we can glean out of it (which turns out to be a lot), but this one seemed interesting enough to split off for a bit of early discussion.

    Head on down the break for the full image and talking points to avoid spoilers for those that want an extra barrier of protection past our season five filter.

    As you can see from the image above, London Toy Fair actually had a strinkingly similiar pony included in one of their signage pieces.  She is the most generic vector possible there, but the colors are exact outside of the extra bow on top. There is one major thing though... she has wings. Obviously the character from the trailer was a unicorn.  This opens up all sorts of interesting questions here.

    As the seeming leader of this town filled with ponies that can shift their cutie marks to match a visitor (Pinkie Pie in the trailer) at will, perhaps this one can copy Twilight's alicorn power? Or maybe she ascends to alicorndom somewhere in the episode? Based on the last few seasons, it wouldn't be too far fetched.  Hasbro needs more alicorns to sell, and this character is pretty appealing on the toy selling colors.

    I for one can't wait for this damn season to get going already! It better not be April. I'll sacrifice a bunny if it's April!

    As mentioned above, expect a full followup later today.

    Thanks to Stefano for sending it.