• Editorial / Fringe Pony News - 4chan Founder "Moot" Resigns

    We wondered if this was something we should post or not, but considering the early Friendship is Magic fandom pretty much arose out of the fires of the Comics and Cartoons board over there, I figured it might be worth mentioning.  The founder of 4chan has decided to step down after eleven and a half years of heading it.  Technically EQD was originally created in part due to the need for a site to collect all of the fan creations in the various threads that would eventually delete themselves.

    4chan has always been a controversial subject in the world of the internet.  An armada of 20 million monthly visitors with the ability to be completely anonymous will do that.  Censoring only what is illegal tends to give people a lot of freedom to unwind and explode, and while some see that as a bad thing, quite a bit of good comes out of it as well.  Being free to openly discuss things is valuable in a world that is slowly becoming more connected and less private.  While most of these discussions do devolve into garbage, every once in a while something useful appears. While pony would have spread on it's own through sheer quality, there is no denying that it was one of those useful things, and was heavily accelerated because of it.

    So, I salute Moot, and wish him well on whatever ideas he is looking to pursue. I can't imagine running 4chan would be easy with how many out there spend every waking moment looking to get it shut down.  

    Now back to regular pony stuff!