• Valentines Merchandise Starting to Flood all the Stores, Get some Ideas for That Special Somepony!

    Valentines Day is less than a month away, and as always, pony is making a huge presence for it. Everything from candies to plushies is available, with the usual cardboard cards adorned with cheesy lines in tow. 

    Target seems to be the main location for all your love needs. Head on down below the break for all that has come in so far.  Expect way more as the holiday gets even closer.

    Target Heart Candies

    Target Valentines Set

    Kmart Valentines Sets

    (Also found at a grocery store) 

    Walgreens Valentines Stuff

    Thanks to Remington, Abi, Jason, Victorsaurus, Wolf,  Austin, Kelsey, Tania, and everyone else for the images!