• Possible New Friendship Games Character Pops Up - Theme Seems to be Bows and Arrows... or Hunger Games?

    Yesterday we had a new, potentially movie related Equestria Girls lineup appear over at Toy Fair 2015 in London, and today, we have an item that just might be involved in it with a brand new character.  Zulilly is running a sale on pony merchandise, and mixed into their swarm of random items was the a sketch portfolio set with a brand new, bow wielding character.

    Considering Applejack had a bow yesterday, and this new character joins Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle with bows of their own, I think that may be the theme of the set.  Perhaps "Friendship Games" is actually a PG version of the Hunger Games? We know Hasbro just loves banking on trends, and considering their girls Nerf bow is doing so well with Katniss Everdeen rockin it in the movies, it wouldn't be too far fetched to snag some of the spotlight.

    Expect more Friendship Games coverage as it appears! But for now, feel free to brainstorm. 

    Thanks to Julie for the heads up!