• Poll Results: You Are offered 13 Luna Episodes in Season 5, But...

    That temporary poll had an interesting outcome.  I'm curious, were you afraid that we would get burnt out on Luna if she had 13 episodes in a single season? Or are you banking on their being 14 more seasons for a Luna episode in each and didn't want to miss out on the potential for future moon? So many interesting possibilities. I personally fell into the same category as all of you, mainly due to option one. That's a lot of Luna in a short period.  Even if we might only see 5 more Luna focused episodes across 5 more seasons before g5 begins, spreading the Luna is good.

    Since that was technically a filler poll, and we have much more interesting things to poll after yesterday's FIENDship is Magic comic reveal, it's time to get a new one going!

    We have the rough synopsis of all five of the April release villain comics.  Which one are you most interested in checking out? 

    Hit it up on the side bar, and get the results of that crazy temporary Luna one below the break!

    You are offered 13 Luna Episodes (in season 5), but never another Luna episode in future seasons. Would you take it?