• Random Merch: CELESTIAS HEAD AAHH ballcap, Mugs, Tin Activity Set, Twilight Collectors Box, and More!

    Why do we keep seeing beheaded ponies lately? Is Hasbro planning something for season 5? Is this a sign of things to come?!

    This hat was found over at Claires for 16 bucks by jskr if you want one.  Available on the website here!

    And blow the break, less severed pony heads!

    Tin Activity Kit

    Filled with oldschool vectory stuff!

    Found by Jesse at Walmart for 8 bucks.

    Foldable Stereo Headphone

    Bet they sound better than Beats

    Found over at Toys R' Us by jskr!

    Sock Thing and Boot Things

    I have no idea what these are called, but they have ponies on them.  Found by mlpon at Target.

    Pony Mugs! 

    Found at a Polish bookstore for 5 bucks a pop by Pawel!

    Twilight Sparkle Collectors Box Appears at Toywiz

    For all you card collectors/players out there, Twilight Sparkle's new box is available at Toywiz with January release dates on the pre-orders.

    Thanks to Luna for the heads up.

    Tattoo Pen Set

    Everyone will have pony tattoos now? I better see it at the next convention.

    Found by Juli at Walgreens

    More Hair Care Cases

     We posted one of these before, but now we have three versions.  All of them were found at a Toys r' Us in Poland by Abacusa. 

    Christmas Funrise Stuff

    Cover those spaghetti manes with santa hats!

    Found by Color Cords at a Target in AZ