• 2015 Herd Census Needs Translators

    With 2014 quickly drawing to a close it's time to get ready for 2015 events! One annual event we've been reporting on for a couple years now is the Herd Census which gathers all sorts of interesting information about the fandom from all around the globe.

     To do this though they need not only people to participate but dedicated volunteers to help with the census, such as translating it into multiple languages. If you think you're up to snuff to do that for your native language, read below!

    It’s getting to be that time of year again. Questions are being polished, databases are being schema’d, and the 2015 Brony Herd Census is almost ready to take flight. But we need your help! To get the Census out to as many Bronies as possible, we need to translate the text into as many languages as possible. If you have good fluency in English and one other language (or more than one!), help us conduct the largest single-point yearly study of the Herd! You could even get your name mentioned in published scientific research.

    If you have some time to tackle translation in the month of December (and possibly early January), drop a note to [email protected], indicating your fluencies and availability. We need at least two translators per language (one to translate, one to back-translate for proofing), three is ideal, so if you have friends, recruit them as well.

    In other Census news, this year we will be including a (somewhat grueling) 300 question personality measure at the end.  We’re aware that’s a lot of work to ask people to do, so we’re going to make a bargain. If you fill it out (and include your email address, which will be tossed afterwards), we’ll mail you a personalized report of how you measure up to the herd in general in areas such as liberalism and agreeability.
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