• Newbie Artist Training Grounds IV - Day 4

    There's going to be days when you feel tired, and there's going to be days when you feel rushed, and what the day will let you produce will not match what was in your head. If only you had more time! If only you were better, faster! Well, come in from the cold of those thoughts, little ponies. It doesn't matter what today's effort winds up looking like. What matters is that you made an effort. And day in, day out, you keep making those efforts, and you keep layering them up on yourselves, and before you know it, bam. It's habit, and it'll keep you warm through all the bitter thoughts and doubts. Effort is the first and largest step toward improvement, so keep your spirits up! And tonight, let's celebrate another 640 snow covered mares and stallions! All together, that brings our 3 day total to 2000 submissions! If that's not a bundle, what is?

    Prizes, prizes, prizes! Today's lot comes to us from our friends at Diamond Select, who are offering up this really cool vinyl Applejack figurine/bank. The base of the figure has a coin slot. What's especially neat about this one is that the product is as of yet unreleased. The winner of the Day 4 raffle will be the very first person to own one! Endless thanks to Diamond Select for tapping into their inner spirit of Generosity and sharing... honesty? Hrm. I should rethink these pitches before I commit to them.

    Our Day 2 winner comes in hot at #557: Whimsy Morning, otherwise known as Ask Sea Swirl, who set aside the usual digital medium to give us a rockin' sea swirl in traditional pencils. Very well done, and congratulations for winning our Day 2 raffle! A reminder to everyone that particpation is the only requirement for winning, so keep submitting art and keep up your chances for all this awesome stuff!

    Onwards as always to our next prompt! Mastery in a day is impossible, but consideration for a day can be enlightening. So our prompts continue to push you to think of ponies from new angles and in new ways. A new outlook can be challenging, but also oh so very rewarding. Can you rise to the occasion? I know you can. Just: Draw a pony stepping up/Draw a pony looking down. Make me wonder what's in their minds? What will your pony do? It's time to show us what you've got.

    Submit all entries here by December 5 at 9 PM Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7). As always, there is a grace period of several hours stretching beyond Midnight Pacific time, so don't fret about being a bit late. Just keep working. But for right this second, throw on your favorite scarf and join us below the break for another breath taking gallery: