• Johnnie JungleGuts From Storage Wars Brony Segment Drops Some Behind the Scenes on the Recording

    For those that missed it, a few days ago Storage Wars had a segment with a whole bunch of pony, via a storage locker find and around $800 bucks worth of pony brushables within.  The brony they bugged for appraisal, Johnnie JungleGuts, decided to chime in on his experience with the crew, and how exactly they reacted to the pony thing as a whole.  It sounds like it was pretty much all positive!

    Head on down below the break for his recount.

    From Johnnie JungleGuts:

    Dear Equestria Daily,
    I'm Johnnie JungleGuts the Brony who was recently on Storage Wars. Just wanting to let you guys know what the experience filming the show was like.

    First of all, I found out about the show because I responded to a post on a Facebook message board that said something like "Sorry to post on here because I'm not a brony, but we need a brony to help with something." I thought it was cute and funny how they felt sorry for not being a brony and couldn't imagine what they'd need a brony for so I responded.

    They said they talked with a lot of bronies on the phone but eventually decided on me. I told them that there were other more famous bronies but they said they wanted me and they wanted to film that week. I decided to do it because I know that I'm good at talking and they seemed like they wanted to portray the fandom in a neutral way, which seemed important to me because of all the haters.

    As for the show being fake, I don't really know too much about it because I never really watched the show more than one or two times. They sent me some pictures from the storage unit before hand so I could get a general sense of what was up. We decided to film it at the comic book shop I work at, Comics Vs. Toys. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Comics-vs-Toys/172284276187827

    When we did the appraisal the two people from the show (Brandi and Jarrod) were really nice and not weirded out by me at all. A lot of things that we talked about didn't make it on air- me explaining the philosophies of the show, Big Lebowski ponies, cutie marks, bro hoofs, 20 percent cooler and stuff like that. I also told them that there were a lot of bronies more famous than me and named some (PinkiePieSwear, Black Gryphon, Saberspark) hoping they would be referenced. Brandi and Jarrod were pretty fascinated by what I had to say and I was surprised how into it they were. If anything the show downplayed how cool they thought bronies were. Also, I wanted to sing a pony song from the show but they said it had to be one I wrote which I know isn't as good and never really planned to share!

    Even though they cut out a lot of the stuff and I looked dumb saying Pinkie Pie was from the newest season (I know she's from the start of G4 and before I just said the wrong thing in the heat of the moment) I'm still really happy with how everything turned out because it wasn't a negative portrayal of the fandom. I also liked that I got to mention pegasisters since they don't get enough love in the media, and I liked the way they added all those rainbows and stuff at the end and had Pinkie say thanks!

    Honestly the most wonderful thing to come out of all this was just seeing my name on Equestria Daily and seeing that some of you guys thought I did a good job! I know it may have been weird because you guys haven't heard of me before and haven't seen me at cons but the thing is I don't have a car and have not a great job so it's hard for me to go to that type of stuff. But I really do love this fandom because in a lot of ways it's all centered around friendship! I'm planning/dreaming of going to Babscon this year so hopefully I'll see you guys there! If you're interested in seeing some other stuff I do here's my twitter https://twitter.com/topnotchgaymer and youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/JohnnieJungleGuts/videos.