• Discussion: What Do You Want To See Us Do Until Spring?

    We are all ears! Spring will be the longest hiatus we've dealt with yet, and we need some fun ideas to keep the pony train rolling while we wait for it.  Stoke the fires! Use those brains! What do you want to see us, here at EQD, do? What events would you like to see run? Any topics you'd like us to explore and comment sections to bombard our opinions on?

    Next month we plan the Artist Training Ground for this year, with the potential for daily giveaways to participants (no guarantees on that yet).  So get those tablets/pens/hotel napkins ready for that one. 

    January tends to be a slow month in terms of events here, mainly due to the holiday burnout and lack of themes to run.  Maybe a new years resolution thing? It's really up in the air.

    Hit the comments up with ideas!