• Stay Brony My Friends Charity with David D. Hammonds AKA Joe Stephens of EQI

    Another two weeks has passed so you know what that means: more Stay Brony My Friends and another great charity to participate in! Last time around we raised over $600 for suicide prevention and now it's time to spread opportunity to those in need as EQI's Joe Stephens has chosen Opportunity International as his sponsored charity.

    As always there are a number of prizes you could possibly win by donating so check on after the break for more info on Opportunity International as well as where you can donate!

    Another two weeks and, another convention in Ponyville Ciderfest, and we come to yet another Stay Brony My Friends. This time we welcomed David D. Hamonds, Author and writer, as well as the creator of "The Equestria Inquirer" Comedy show which started back in early 2011. You more than likely know him at his alter ego "Joe Stephens" 

    We had a great chat about the novels he's been writing that will release in early 2015 (Following Hasbro I see) as well as writing for cartoons and the "True Tail" project that Flamingo Rich, director of Double Rainboom started and David helped develop. 

    Our last charity drive with Dr.Wolf made over 600 dollars for Suicide prevention and we thank you for all your help once again.  Dave had a little something else up his sleeve this time as we are helping out a group called Opportunity International!

    The deck is stacked against people in the poorest part of the world, where the saying "it takes money to make money" is the harsh fact that traps people into the cycle of poverty. Opportunity International, through its many local projects, is breaking people out of those traps. By restoring vital neighborhood businesses in the wake of disasters, by teaching how to run a business, and by providing the seed-money to make dreams of financial independence a reality for women in countries that refuse to educate females, Opportunity International lifts people into better lives. 
    It's amazing how far a few dollars can go. And we're going to go there.

    Head to http://www.manliestbrony.com/blog/?p=1350 and toss a couple bits their way. You'll be eligible for some great prize giveaways as well as helping those in need!

    And again Screwball and I thank you for all your support in our charity drives!

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