• Everfree Northwest 2015: Help Wanted!

    Every great convention has a great staff behind it and that staff is supported by a large brigade of volunteers! Everfree Northwest 2014 was a huge success because of that and the team is looking to pull off the same feat next year. They are currently looking for volunteers in a wide array of positions so check on after the break to see if there is a position you might like to apply for!

    Everfree Northwest Looking for Volunteers!

    Do you want to help make Everfree Northwest 2015 the best convention that it can be? Then EFNW wants you! Volunteer Applications for the Pacifics Northwest's premier MLP fan convention are now open on our website at <http://everfreenw.com/volunteer> !

    There are currently many open volunteer positions currently available such as Guest Relations, Productions, Public Relations, Music, Writing, Logistics, Charity, Cosplay, Electronic Gaming, Tabletop Gaming, and many, many more! View all the open positions with detailed descriptions from over a dozen departments at <http://everfreenw.com/open-positions> .

    Don't wait, apply today!

    Twitter: Calpain