• Luna Eclipsed - Episode Followup

     Hi guys! The Ferret here with my very first ever episode followup! I hope you'll enjoy it and maybe I'll get to do more too!

     With the poll closed, everyone has decided that Luna is the one they want to see! So, because you guys love Luna so much, we're gonna skip over Party of One (Because technical difficulties and all. It's en route though, I swear!) and go to Luna Eclipsed. 

     Man, remember when this was the first time we'd ever seen Luna all grown up? We had no idea what to expect. Would she be tragic? Would she be a badass? Would she be super competent? We had so many different ideas for her. She turned out to be all that and more. Luna is by far one of my favourite characters and it's pretty clear you guys all think so too.

    First off, we get Twilight showing how flexible her costume allows her to be, She's practicing for when Owlicious arrives.

    Oh Larson, we were so young and innocent. We had no way of knowing what incredible powers you contained.

    We really got some amazing costume designs in here too. I didn't spot Mr and Mrs Cake as Raggedy Ann and Andy the first time around but I really love them. I wonder if the artists used their old costumes for inspiration.

    Pinkie showing off how when she puts on a costume her abilities get even more impressive. Insert your own clucking noises here.

    I love the designs that got used here, everything from the lights to the Nightmare moon logos and the giant eyeball. I hope we get to see more of Ponyville decorated as they background artists always pull out all the stops.

    Twilight's magic underwent a slight change in this season, going to a slightly lighter purple shade as opposed to season one. As you can tell me this screenshot, she couldn't decide if she liked the red or purple more and so switched back and forth between each during the episode.

    Ah, Derpy, you were so young and innocent. How could you know what storms were on the horizon. Least Carrot Top's sticking by you.

    Man, Zecora went all out with her magic powder this episode.


    I always find myself wondering where Apple Bloom is in this scene as we have Vampire Sweetie Bell and Werewolf Scootaloo and I think Space Filly Alula. Either way, good thing Nightmare Moon can't spot them.

     Fun trivia fact, In the Bad Seed Song, Babs uses an almost identical wolf costume to the one Scootaloo is wearing right now.

    Ah, the batponies, You truly changed our lives for the better. Or at least, for the more interesting. I can't decide which batpony design I like better, these guys or Flutterbat. Another cool fact, apparently M.A. Larson referenced Thestrals when he was coming up with the idea for Luna's guards.

    Zecora showing the good sense to run away from Danger as she doesn't have Main Character armour like Twilight here.

    Your Mistress hath arrived! This was such an incredible scene, the first time we really get to see grown up Luna. This also marked the episode where the canon vs non-canon debate ramped up as it gave Luna more personality than we had seen.

    I wish I had a cape that was made of live bats, that'd be the best. Or a fur coat made of live ferrets. That'd be pretty cool too. (Points if you remember that commercial.)

    Luna shows off her X-Men Storm Cosplay

    I've been having the worst time keeping these boots on, could you just nudge it back in place for me?

    I love the imaging in this scene. Luna showing she is still stuck underneath the shadow of Nightmare Moon. I gotta admit though, from this angle, the statue's expression seems more shocked than fearsome.

    Twilight thanking Luna for helping to show how well attached her costume pieces are. Not to mention how flexible.

    "Twilight, I think we still need to test how secure it is some more, what if I try singing opera?"

    Fluttershy in the attempt for best face shows off how small she can make her pupils.

    "C'mon Fluttershy, this is the best type of massage, I jam my horn into your shoulderblades and twist."

    Ah, cartoon physics, how I love thee.

    Best face attempt two, Fluttershy is really getting into this.

    Woah girl! Slow down before you hurt yourself!

    Luna fires back with a tragic expression of loss. She's not gong to lose this contest without a fight. That or she really wants some of those mini snickers bars.

    So Rarity was actually storyboarded to appear in this episode as well. She would be working on her costume when Twilight brought Luna by for a makeover. Rarity would go overboard and Luna would tear the costume off herself. When Pinkie spotted Luna with the torn fabric in her teeth she would set everyone off again. It got cut and Rarity's cameo was replaced with Carrot Top. Also note how the storyboard calls Derpy by her name.

    Luna displays the royal tongue in an effort to recapture first place.

    "Quick! Somebody catch that photographer! I said I'd sworn off eating children!"

    Woah, okay Luna. Take it easy. It was just a joke, I know you don't really eat foals.

    Augh! No! I'm sorryyyyyy *poof*

    And that is how we shall deal with such blasphemous citizens from now on! *Ahem* We shall now continue this followup without any more interference.

    Oh dear, we appear to have allowed our wig to slip, displaying part of our old mane here.

    Our dear friend Twilight Sparkle remembering her special talent for lecturing. Such a wonderful pony.

    Here we are telling Twilight out favourite story of how we bested our sister Celestia in a very breakneck game of pingpong.

    Here is our friend Pinkie Pie showing off how her lessons from Derpy hooves hath truly paid off.

    Here our friend Twilight Sparkle shows our friend Pinkie Pie how she has gotten far too much sour candy powder on her hoof. Pinkie does not seem to appreciate it however, perhaps we were mistaken in thinking she enjoyed sour things.

    Our horn hath disappeared here, we are not certain as to why. We thought we had solved the problem of it coming loose centuries ago.

    Our friend Pinkie Pie showing that she too, can create dragon eggs. Twilight Sparkle hath tried to convince us it is merely a prop Pinkie was carrying but we know better! We shall show her and hatch this egg ourselves! Tibbles will enjoy the company we are sure.

    Our friends are now showing us a strange practice apparently known as shipping. We are uncertain how this leads to the transportation of goods, but Twilight assures us it will make sense in time.

    We are uncertain why this child is displaying our friend Applejack's usual expression, but perhaps she too has been learning from her elders.

    Ah yes, we did feel somewhat badly for scaring these children, but at the same time it was most exhilarating. Having been reassured afterwards that it was all in fun, we are planning to try this more often.

    We declare these plastic fangs to be most uncomfortable!  Though perhaps we should have put them in after moving the statue away. We forgot how we often grit out teeth when doing heavy lifting.

    We thought the secret that our mane tasted like blue raspberry had been long forgotten! Hath someone remembered the old ways after all?

    Huzzah! Tis true, The memory of our delicious mane does live on! We must tell Celestia at once. We also suspect she has been playing with our moon. We would never give it such a basic shape, Only Celestia never mastered how to make it not look as though it was crafted of clay.

    Oh, it appears it was us that did our moon tonight and not Celestia. We recall now that we were so excited to see our friends and citizens again that we were in more of a rush than usual. Oh well.

    We art not certain why this citizen insists that his name is  "Jacques Cousteau" but he reassures us that it is a name he has made up. We were most impressed by his shark and almost attempted to rescue him from it with a spider before he reassured us that he was unharmed.

    We didn't realize that Pip was going to want his friends to taste our tail as well, or we would have crafted more for him.

    Apparently Rainbow Dash is desirous of winning some sort of "Best Face" competition. We are not certain why she wishes for a face other than her own as we thought she would be quite attached to her current one.

    Perhaps she is wishing to be able to make expressions such as this without assistance from my August Personage.

    At last we have completed this "blog post" as we are told it's called. We suppose we shall allow the journalist to return, if for no other reason than so we no longer have to do her work. It was more tiring than we expected