• Story: Queen of Queens

    "Worldbuilding is risky, especially when you're prompted to ground it in the basis of someone else's canon: one can either range too far or fall well short. Just when I thought I'd seen everything there was to know about changelings, along comes a story like this that strikes that critical border, flipping one subtle detail on its head with consequences that literally span the eons." -- CouchCrusader

    [Dark] -- 4th Place in the Equestria Daily Summer Fanfic Contest

    Author: JawJoe

    Description: Our kind has it that the life of a queen is the happiest, for they are blessed with the shortest time in this world. A mighty queen will be remembered for eternity, forever residing in the hearts of her people. The greatest tragedy a queen can suffer is to be forgotten – to be stricken from history. I refuse to bend before oblivion.

    Queen of Queens

    Additional Tags: Chrysalis strives to be remembered.

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