• MLP: CCG at Gen Con! Championship, Preview Events, & more!

    This Gen Con marks the one year anniversary of My Little Pony CCG's first foray into the public eye, at Gen Con 2013. In celebration there are TONS of awesome events at Gen Con this year for fans of the MLP: CCG, whether you're vying for the Continental Championship title, want to join a Rock N Rave, or are looking to pick up a preview pack of cards for the Celestial Solstice box coming out this fall!

    Here is the My Little Pony CCG Gen Con Event Schedule, but for more details be sure you take a look below the break, including info on a Pinkie Pie contest that people can win even if they don't go to Gen Con!

    Pinkie Pie Goes to Gen Con!

    Tweet pictures to @mlpc_ccg of a Pinkie Pie MLP: CCG card around Gen Con or anywhere out there in the rest of the world and you could win! Winners will be chosen twice per day, one for pictures at Gen Con and once for anywhere else. Snap those photos and enter to win!

    Demos All Weekend
    Come by the MLP: CCG booth and get a demo of the game! Assuming you want a free booster pack of the game and like to have fun. You do, don't you? The booster packs also have a chance of being a special pack that has something inside you can trade for an Ultra Rare!

    Celestial Solstice Preview Events
    These Sealed tournaments are your first chance to get your hooves on playsets of 8 exclusive new cards that otherwise will NOT be available until Celestial Solstice comes out later this year! Some of the highlights include the Tree of Harmony Resource card and a brand new Nightmare Moon card that's sure to make a splash! All players of any skill level are invited to come have fun, snatch up these new cards, have a chance to win fun random prizes even if you don't win the tournament.
    Times: Thur: 12, 2, 4; Fri: 10, 2, 4; Sat: 11, 12, 2, 4, 7; Sun: 11

    Enterplay Panel
    Curious about what's coming up next for Enterplay, including the future of MLP: CCG and Series 3 of the My Little Pony trading cards? Be sure not to miss this panel!
    Time: Thursday, 6pm

    Equestrian Mailmare Promo Card and Playmat
    UltraPro will have a limited supply of Equestrian Mailmare promo cards and playmats available at Gen Con. If you still haven't picked one of these up yet then you'd better hurry, since each day's supply of these at BronyCon sold out within minutes each time!
    Time: While supplies last...

    Chaos is Magic!
    Play in a sealed event where the rules are made to be broken, and you just might have a chance to play against a developer of MLP: CCG for extra prizes! When you sit down to play and the organizer of the event announces, "Everyone put an Orange Friend from your booster packs into play at a Problem," you'll start to understand just how crazy Chaos is Magic can really get... And it's ONLY Saturday at 7pm, so don't miss it!
    Time: Saturday, 7pm

    Rock N Rave Celebrations
    Come celebrate the 1 year anniversary of MLP: CCG at Gen Con with a Rock N Rave! Compete in a Sealed event that includes the new Rock N Rave set, maybe walk away with some great surprise prizes, compete to win more, and leave with a smile! Players of all skill level are invited!
    Times: Thur: 6; Fri: 6; Sun: 12

    Open Qualifiers for Continental Championship
    Didn't qualify for the Continental Championship yet? You're in luck! The top 10% at each of the six qualifier rounds on Thursday and Friday will earn entry into the Continental Championship! More details about the Qualifiers and the Continental Championship can be found here.
    Times: Thur: 12, 3, 6; Fri: 12, 3, 6

    Will YOU win this one of a kind playmat?!

    2014 MLP: CCG Continental Championship
    Winners from Store Championship, Regionals, and Gen Con Qualifiers compete in this invitation-only event to see who is the best of the best! All players in the Continental Championship will get a copy of the Twilight Sparkle, Ursa Vanquisher alternate image promo card. The Top 16 all get great prizes, including 3 copies of the Continental Finalist stamped Twilight Sparkle alt. image promo and an exclusive playmat. The winner receives all of that and more, including a return trip to Gen Con 2015 and the chance to make a card for Set 5 of MLP: CCG and get their name in the credits! More details about the Qualifiers and the Continental Championship can be found here.
    Times: Begins Saturday at 10am

    The Shake Ups in Ponyville perform live!
    Don't miss your chance to see The Shake Ups in Ponyville perform live at Gen Con!
    Time: Saturday, 4pm