• Music of the Day #360

    I wonder what a collab song between these two would be like?

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    [1] Source
    Totalspark - Tears of the Fallen
    Instrumental - Chill Big Room House

    [2] Source
    Dear Hearts and Gentle Ponies (Fallout: Equestria) - SkyBolt - (BOB Crosby, Ponified)
    Vocal - Big Band

    [3] Source
    Ryazan - Let The Rainbow Remind You R4ZMX

    [4] Source
    Background Ponies #1 - Lyra Heartstrings
    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [5] Source
    Purple Smart Ft. Nexgen

    [6] Source
    Obsolete (MLP Fim Industrial Fan music)
    Instrumental - Electro/Industrial

    [7] Source
    (MLP: Equestria Girls 2)Royalpony- Perfect Day for Fun (Hardstyle)

    [8] Source
    Resven - Swift Cruise

    [9] Source
    Dr. Adorable - Brand New Day
    Comic Dub

    [10] Source
    STRIK9 - Homesick
    Instrumental - Tribal Ambiance